Moka pot brewing guide

Moka pot brewing guide

The classic Bialetti Moka Express is the iconic moka pot that is recognized all over the world and was designed in Italy in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti. With this Italian coffee maker, you can easily make delicious espresso-like coffee at home. Check out our instructions for using a moka pot and start brewing the perfect coffee.

Crema's instructions for using a moka pot:

  1. Fill the bottom of the moka pot with cold fresh water. The water level should reach just below the valve in the side of the brewer's lower part.
  2. Fill the pot’s filter basket with ground espresso coffee (finely grinded) and give it a shake to settle the grounds evenly. Tighten the upper part of the pot firmly on to the lower part.
  3. Place the moka pot on a stove. Use almost full power. After a few minutes, the coffee begins to rise with pressure along the coffee tube into the top part of the pot.
  4. When the coffee flow ceases, remove the moka pot from the hob and serve immediately.
  5. Enjoy the excellent, rich espresso coffee!
  6. Remember not to store the coffee in the moka pot.


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