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The moka designed for induction cooktops: Moka Induction pot is suitable for induction, gas cooktops, electric stove top and propane camping stoves. New bi-layer technology: New Bi-layer technology for the boiler,...

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Vendor: Bialetti
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The moka designed for induction cooktops: Moka Induction pot is suitable for induction, gas cooktops, electric stove top and propane camping stoves. New bi-layer technology: New Bi-layer technology for the boiler, which combines the use of aluminum for the inner part which ensures coffee is prepared according to the best italian coffeemaking tradition and grants an homogeneous heat distribution, and the steel for the external part, which ensures perfect functionning on all cooking hobs including induction ones. High gauge stainless steel boiler which ensures resilience and solidity.Base suitable to work also on induction hobs. Ergonomic handle with soft touch finishing, patented Bialetti valve easy to clean and to inspect. The easiest way to prepare coffee: Fill the boiler up to the safety valve, put the filter back in place and fill it up with ground coffee without pressing. Close the Moka Induction pot firmly and place it on the stove at medium temperature. As soon as your Moka Induction pot starts to gurgle, you should turn off the fire and wait for the coffee to be fully extracted. Take your Moka Induction with you everywhere you go At home or outdoor, while camping or enjoying beach time, Moka Induction is the ideal solution for those who love to bring the taste of coffee -shop everywhere; Moka Induction works with most portable stoves or cooktops.

  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted
  • Moka Induction is the first Moka suitable for use on induction hobs, with an aluminum upper part, the same material as the classic Moka Express, combined with Stainless Steel boiler, suitable for induction hobs
  • New Moka Induction is Made in Europe by Bialetti , the inventor of the original Moka Express pot, and recognizable by the one and only  gentleman with moustache gracing it a symbol of originality and quality
  • How to use Bialetti Moka Induction: fill the boiler up to the safety valve, fill the filter up with ground coffee, close the moka pot and place it on the stovetop, as soon as Moka Induction starts to gurgle, turn the fire off and coffee will be ready
  • One size for each need: Bialetti Moka Induction sizes are measured in Espresso Cups, coffee can be enjoyed in Espresso Cups or in larger containers
  • Cleaning instructions: your Bialetti Moka Induction must only cleaned by rinsing every component with simple water, do not use any detergent nor put it in the dishwasher, as it damages the product and the taste of your coffee

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How to make a perfect italian coffee



New Moka Induction


Select a quality blend, suitable for the production of coffee for the Moka.

Fill the boiler up to the lower level of the safety valve, without exceeding it and using fresh water, possibly low in limestone.

Fill the filter generously, without pressing the coffee powder, forming a small gutter and avoiding dust escaping on the edges of the boiler. Close the coffee pot, screwing the collector firmly onto the boiler and place it on the stove.

The flame must never envelop the coffee maker, but remain inside the bottom of the same, in order to allow extraction in adequate times and not too quickly. As soon as you start to hear the typical Moka gurgle, the coffee is ready and you will need to turn off the fire immediately.

Never let excess coffee boil: this would burn it, compromising its success and making it too bitter.

Enjoy hot coffee, as soon as it is ready, remembering to mix the contents of the collector: the coffee extracted at the end, in fact, is less full-bodied than that leaked at the beginning of boiling.